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Goodhead Consulting Engineers

Our mission is to enable your vision by creating innovative solutions to complex design challenges and situations.  

We are unrivaled in understanding our clients’ needs, and developing solutions with those needs in mind, wherever the challenge exists.


As engineers, safety is a core ethic in each discipline. Integrity is also the basis for our actions: we do what we say we will do, we will understand, and we will do what we believe is right.


Anyone can read a book, codes, and drawings. Reviewing the basis of the built environment with a view to innovation, and achieving both the design intent and owner needs, requires a thought process that is systemic within GCE.


Excellent is at the heart of everything we do.  Technical, service, design. We believe that to allow the continued development of the built environment, it is our responsibility to leave mediocrity at the door. 



The Principal Engineers at Goodhead have Fire Protection Engineer by technical training and have worked with architects, engineers, and building owners globally. 

The technical staff have been involved in some of the most advanced performance based design solutions in the US (such as Coda, that includes a 17 story spiral staircase), and some of the largest buildings, including the busiest airport in the US, Hartsfield–Jackson Atlanta International Airport, and multi-billion dollar entertainment complexes in Nevada. 

The technical experiences are wide and include work for some of the largest tech companies, large and small process and manufacturing companies, rocketry, lithium ion batteries, bio safety laboratories (including BSL 4), and a number real estate investment trusts.

Goodhead Consulting Engineers - Our Story

Formed during the Covid-19 pandemic, Goodhead Consulting Engineers was founded to bring to the built environment something that the Principals felt was lacking in support of the design (architectural, interior design, landscape architecture), engineering, and owner worlds: the combination of integrity, innovation, and excellence.

These values were so engrained in them, the idea of building a firm to bring those ideals to the design and owner worlds was too appealing. Through the deep industry experience that the Principal Engineers hold, and the great organizational support that Bess provides, Goodhead Consulting Engineers was launched in April 2020.

Goodhead Consulting Engineers - Our Commitments

At Goodhead Consulting Engineers we hold our values in high regard.  As we grow in our reach we will be able to show our values through partner programs.  

For our first partner program, we are proud to be a Carbonfree® Partner with CarbonFund.org.  As we travel around the world for our projects, being able to do so Carbon free is one way we can practice our values of Integrity and Excellence.

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